Future ISP Boss

I recently stumbled onto this excellent Internet Service Provider (ISP) opportunity that actually pays you to use it.  Well, you have to do a little work to earn that privilege and I’ll explain what that is in just a minute.


What is the Cervo.net ISP? 

Someone that gives you access to the world of the global Internet like AOL only better.


What does Cervo.net give me? 

An ISP that has more local numbers around the U.S. with better, faster Internet service without any busy signals.  Five email accounts with 10MB storage using Outlook Express (POP3) or Web Mail.  A 5MB personal Web space for posting information and pictures for friends, relatives, or a small business that is as easy as using Microsoft Word to keep up-to-date.  SecurePhone provides secure encrypted communication for voice over IP (VOIP), instant message (IM), file, document, and photo transfer.  Parental controls, great support, no contracts, no banner Ads and no hassles.


What’s the Catch?

If you do nothing but use the service above it will continue to cost you $19.95 per month. Not a bad deal for all of the above but with just a little work you can get your monthly ISP access FREE and even start making money.



When you refer someone else to the same ISP service CMG Inc. will pay you $4 each and every month for each person that signs up. Just 5 referrals and your service is totally FREE.  Do a little more work by referring 60 people and you can be on your way to earning as much as $300,000 dollars a year or more.  These dollars really do add up fast and don’t forget your getting an excellent Internet service that works anywhere in the U.S. with more local numbers coast-to-coast than any other ISP.  The best part is that you only have to do this once.


How can I get Further Information and/or Signup?

The fastest way is to already have access to the Internet yourself or through a friend, organization, etc. Access the following Web page http://www.ispcenter.us or http://www.cervo.net look over the detailed information and click on the “Sign Up Now” and follow the instructions using the Promotional CODE of 4040 to get your FREE $50 Referral Marketing Kit and $350 gift just for trying the service out.  If you don’t already have some sort of access to the Internet mail a sheet of paper with your name, address, along with the Promotional Code of 4040 to:


CMG Inc.

4850 Main St.

Skokie, Il  60077


All the above is written and composed by yours truly (as you can probably tell) not some canned over priced marketing firm.  This really works.  I recommend it for everyone whether they’re at home or on travel.  You can share current photos and information with people all over the world through the 5MB Web space as well as the email, VOIP, IM and other services. Give my Web space a try at http://home.cervo.net/thomas_ron where I only used 14% of the available 5MB space.