Network Computing & IT

The following services are contracted individually or grouped together as a Turnkey service. There is an added incentive to use Lans-R-Us to do large jobs which may include more than one type of service. Prices are discounted appropriately and tasks can be scheduled at the same time to reduce the over all implementation time. All services are provided on an hourly rate plus cost of materials as well as shipping and handling. Temporary storage of receivables and space configure and test must be provided by customer.

Types of Services


This is primarily an up front consulting service consisting of Engineering Network and Systems Services.  However, we strongly recommend a Technical Refresh Recomendation Report (TRRR) once a year in order to remain competitive with rival companies. This report is based on products and inhancements that have become available to the market place since the last TRRR was published. The following items are shown here as Engineering Consulting examples to aid in selecting your particular tasking needs:

  1. Site Survey
  2. Existing Network and Systems Analysis
  3. Requirements Analysis
  4. Technical Refresh (upgrade) Recommendation Report (TRRR)
  5. Network and System Sizing
  6. Network and System Design
  7. Application Design
  8. Email Design
  9. Web Design
  10. Internet Service Provider (ISP) Design
  11. Database Design
  12. Offsite Design
  13. Trade Studies for Hardware/Software (HW/SW)
  14. Network and Systems Hardware Installation Plan
  15. Network and Systems Software Installation Plan
  16. Statement-of-Work (SOW)
  17. Request-for-Proposal (RFP)
  18. Network and System Monitoring Design
  19. Support (Help Desk) Plan
  20. Maintenance Plan
  21. Engineer to Coordinate and Monitor Configuration, Installation and Support Services



This service actually prepares the equipment for use on the network by following the Network and Systems HW/SW Installation Plans approved by the customer.  All unique systems such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and client workstations will be developed and tested prior to duplicating (Image copied) to as many machines as necessary under the Network and Systems HW/SW Installation Plans. All unique software is installed, configured, Tuned, and tested on all unique platforms prior to quantity deployment.  The following items are shown here as configuration and testing examples to aid in selecting your particular tasking needs:

  1. Purchase Hardware and Software (Equipment, Cables, Connectors, COTS, etc...)
  2. Establish Location to Store and Pre-configure equipment prior to Installation
  3. Create Admin Server(s) to hold all System Config files, unique disk images, and install software (SW) for fast deployment
  4. Create e-mail Services/Server(s)
  5. Create Application Services/Server(s)
  6. Create Web Services/Server(s)
  7. Create ISP Connection Services
  8. Create User Workstation for each type of user
  9. Create Database Services/Server(s)
  10. Create specialized Server(s)
  11. Create Offsite User workstion as required
  12. Operating System (OS)
  13. OS Patches
  14. Interface Drivers (Disk Arrays, SAN, NAS, Networks, Scanners, Printers...)
  15. Network VLANS/ELANS, Trunks, Firewalls, Switches, Voice over IP (VoIP), Video over IP, Telecommunication devices ...
  16. Disk Volume Manager SW if applicable
  17. File System SW if applicable
  18. Server RAID
  19. Database SW
  20. Misc. Daeman processes and start/stop scripts (backup, virus checks, Oracle, ETL etc...)
  21. COTS Products and Utilities
  22. Server Cluster SW if applicable
  23. Test all configuration tasks to comply with Requirements Analysis with customer approval
  24. Duplicate like machines in accordance with the Network and Systems HW/SW Installation Plans



This implementation service consists of Installation of the Network infrastructure to accomodate any future moves. Installation will follow the customer approved test of the Configuration phase according to the Requirements Analysis.  The following items are shown here as installation and testing examples to aid in selecting your particular tasking needs:

  1. Schedule Activities for Minimal Impact to Client Operations
  2. Prepare Installation areas (space-walls/construction, holes, conduit, HVAC, power, UPS, raised floor, cable troughs...)
  3. Install Cabinets, Racks, Patch Panels, and Outlets and Label appropriately
  4. Pull, Terminate, and Label Cable Runs
  5. Certify all Cable Runs using Test Equipment generated statistics for each cable
  6. Install and Connect all Network Equipment (Routers, Switches, Firewalls...)
  7. Install and Connect all System Equipment (Servers, Workstations, Printers...)
  8. Test with customer all Network Software (Routers, Switches, Firewalls...)
    functions according to Requirements Analysis
  9. Test with customer all System Software (Servers, Workstations, Printers...) functions according to Requirements Analysis


This on-going maintenance and administrative operational service contract will pro-actively monitor the health of the operational environment.  In addition to the normal hourly fee there is a monthly fee associated with this service. Users will be able to produce Trouble Tickets on-line or by telephone with automatic responses via e-mail/voice-mail as to the current status of their problem. HW and SW Technical Refreshes as well as Training will be periodically scheduled to keep pace with computer industry updates and personnel turn over. The following items are shown here as support examples to aid in selecting your particular tasking needs:

  1. Pro-active Monitoring of Network and System Parameters
  2. Loaner equipment provided if HW repair takes longer than 24 hours
  3. Specialized HW/SW Repair using vendor service contract
  4. SW fixes and periodic updates
  5. Periodic User and Admin Training
  6. Periodic Technical Refresh Recommendations Report (TRRR)
  7. On-Site Support Personnel
  8. Help Desk Support
  9. Backup Services
  10. Disk File System SW
  11. Disk Image Backup SW
  12. Server RAID
  13. Server Database SW
  14. Inventory
  15. Purchasing
  16. Auditing
  17. Monthly Report
  18. Library
  19. Remote Diagnostics